Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to Share Load in SUN?

Share your load with your family and friends using the SUN Give-a-Load!
How to do it? Just follow instructions below!

SUN  give a load
To share Regular Load, just text:
amount to share <space> sun-number and send to 2292
10 09223456789 Send to 2292

Also, you can share some Special Load, just text:
Special Promo <space> sun-number and Send to 2292
CTC10 09225678901 Send to 2292

You can refer to this list for some guide:

  • TU20 or TU50 - Text Unlimited
  • CTU25 - Call and Text Unlimited
  • WIN10 - Winner Txt 10
  • BGT5 or BGT20 - Budgetxt
  • CTC10 , CTC20 , CTC30 - Call and Text Unlimited Combo
  • IM20 - iMessenger
  • SBW50
  • SBW100
Please wait for the confirmation message saying that your using Give-a-Load service.

*This promo is only valid to all SUN Cellular Subscribers nationwide.


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  3. I always used Give-A-Load to send Win10 on my recipient but lately, whenever I do this, they will charge 10php(Win10) plus 1php (for texting 2292) on my sun load which is normal, but my recipient didn't received it. I have do this several times and the same thing happens :(

    1. There will be a message from 229200000000 which will tell you to reply YES within 15 mins to confirm transaction.

  4. This 2292 service is not working anymore, I tried using it today and nothing happens. Is there any other way to share-a-load apart from the 2292 service?

  5. Sun service used to be great but ever since it was acquired by Smart, their service had deteriorated, loads started to disappear and recently, their 2292 service is acting quirky, I tried to share-a-load using the 2292 service & nothing happened, then an hour later, got a text message from 229200000000 asking me to confirm transaction by replying "YES" within 15 minutes. Of course, I wasn't able to reply within 15 minutes because there was no notification sound, my phone never ring and it took an hour after texting 2292 for them to send me the confirmation message. It seems Sun or Smart doesn't want their subscribers to give-a-load.

  6. Fark!!! Its not working!! Stupid Sun/smart..

  7. Not working at the moment.


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