Sunday, October 27, 2013

SUN Unlimited Call And Text Combo Promo

Looking for affordable SUN Unlicall & text combo? Here it is. The new Sun Cellular Unlimited Call & Texts for Sun-to-Sun plus Mobile Internet plus FREE Texts to Other Network with Bonus Free Regular Load. Continue to keep in touch with your friends in other networks! Want to register to this promo? Select your promo and register with the following codes below!

  • SUN SIM/Subscribers
  • Activated/Open GPRS/3G connection for the mobile internet promo.

List of SUN Call And Text Promo Codes 2013

Sun Unlimited Call & Text 1-day for P25.00
CTU25 Send to 247
  • Text CTU25 Send to 247
    1-day Sun-to-Sun unlimited call and text
  • 50 FREE texts to all other networks
  • 30 minutes of mobile internet (Twitter & Facebook)
Sun Unlimited Call & Text 2-days for P50.00
 CTU50 Send to 247
  • Text CTU50 Send to 247
  • 2-days Sun-to-Sun Unlimited Call & Text
  • 150 FREE texts to other networks
  • 30 minutes of mobile internet
Sun Unlimited Call & Text 5-days for P100.00
CTU100 Send to 247
  • Text CTU100 Send to 247
    5-days Sun-to-Sun Unlimited Call & Texts
  • 200 FREE Texts to other networks
  • 30 minutes of mobile Internet
Sun Unlimited Call & Text 7-days for P150.00
CTU150 Send to 247
  • Text CTU150 Send to 247
  • 7-days or 1-week Unlimited Call & Texts with Sun friends
  • 250 FREE texts to other networks
  • 30 minutes of mobile Internet 
  • additional P25.00 regular load
Sun Unlimited Call & Text 30-days for P450.00
CTU450 Send to 247
  • Text CTU450 Send to 247
  • 30-days or 1-month Sun Unlimited Call & Texts with Sun Friends
  • 500 FREE Texts to other networks
  • 90 minutes of unlimited mobile Internet
  • P50.00 regular load
Please wait for the confirmation message before sending texts messages.
Additional instruction included in the confirmation messages.
Enjoy your subscription to SUN Promos.
Text message will be sent if your registration is already expired.
This promo is only valid and available to all SUN Subscribers in Philippines nationwide.

That's it.. Now what are you waiting for? Choose and register NOW!


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