Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sun Cellular Unlimited Text Promos 2013

To all SUN Subscribers, here is the list of SUN's Unlimited Text Promos. If your looking for an Unlimited Text in Sun Cellular just choose your promos below and follow the instruction on how to subscribe.

Affordable Sun Cellular 1 day Unlimited Text for as low as P10.00 or called Winner 10 valid for 1 whole day!

Register To Unlimited Text for 1-day or called the WinnerText10, just simply:

  • Type WIN10 Send to 247
  • Enjoy your 1-day unlimited text Sun-to-Sun plus 5-minutes call on Sun Friends

Register to Unlimited Text 2-days or Text Unlimited P20, just simply:
  • Type TU20 Send to 247
  • 2-days Sun-to-Sun Unlimited Text + 20-minutes bonus call to Sun friends

Unlimited Text P50, Unlimited Text for 7-days/1-week just simply text:
  •  TU50 Send to 247
  • 7-days or 1-week Unlimited Text to Sun friends plus the 1-hour free calls

Unlimited Text for 30-days/1-month, try this Unlimited TextP150:
  • Type TU150 Send to 247 
  • 30-days or 1-month Unlimited Text with friends + the bonus 4-hours call, good for 1-month

Unlimited Text for 1-month, the Unlimited P200:
  • Type TU200 Send to 247
  • UnlimitedP200 has 30-days unlimited text and 4hours bonus call to Sun friends
  • 500 Free Texts to Other Network
You got your guide, now you can choose what unli-text suits to your taste today. :)


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